Mumbai attacks – Pak media taunts Indian army

Guys this video is hilarious – must watch!! The Paki chap says he could recognize that the terrorists were not Pakistanis by looking at their faces, wow even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t have done it better! Moreover he goes on to say that the US “orchestrated 9/11 attacks” which is hilarious, and the Mumbai attacks were orchestrated too. All this coming from a media of a country which has spent most of its time under military rule, I can’t expect anything more. They can go on and on, but this time India should take a strong action to remind them of the 3 wars that they have lost earlier!

He also goes on to say that the Indian army hired these terrorists and then betrayed them by “Killing them in the end”

Other videos by these same people report that

“India has several separatist groups that trains terrorists to carry out attacks in Indian states for political reasons”

These videos are absolutely ridiculous….!!

Well the female newscaster also has her telephone there on the table, I wonder if it could be one or all of the following reasons:

To portray that she comes from a very “progressive” country

1. To order a Dominos Pizza( if its available there) while she is talking shit – 30 mins or free – the shit that is J
2. To get a call from her friends while she gives “News”
3. A call from her chief if suddenly the president is changed or parliament is dissolved or both! J
4. Just make a call to a freedom fighter and ask im how he feels after killing innocent oppressors in India

Initially I was a bit upset at the videos, but later realized that this is coming from the defensive mechanism by firing cross allegations at us. This is the first sign of guilt as confirmed by many practitioners.

– India


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