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Open letter to fellow countrymen

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Dear All,

If you agree with me, please add your signature and forward. We need to showcase our strength. I would request you add the number before your name and the city . I would also request every 1000th  signature to forward the mail as well as send me a copy on , so that I can sort the list to make a final one. I will be sending the final sorted mail to the Prime Minister on 19th Dec,2008 to hear our appeal. So, please make sure that I receive the mails by the 18th latest.

Open letter to fellow countrymen

Dear Friends,

“Beware, the middle-class” it is said and rightly so. Look at history; most of the revolutions, right from French to American and our own independence, were won when the middle class cried, “enough!”

We think, the time has come to reclaim the country, which was won with the blood of our forefathers.

Frankly, the terrorists made the biggest mistake of their lives when they attacked Mumbai and gunned down innocent people. This carnage reminds us that we have to take things in own hands. When terrorists attacked the parliament, it was more a case of like taking on like.

But we draw the line when it comes to the common man. We have some suggestions that will help us in our endeavor for national freedom again.

First let’s vote out all present politicians. Get unknown, unconnected young people in.

Let’s have a casteless non-communal country. Young people because the terrorists are young and our politicians; halfway in the grave are a no match.

Second identify terrorist camps in Pakistan and force the Pakistanis to hold joint cleaning up operations. If they refuse, let them be exposed for what they are.

Third, let’s bring the dead and one living terrorist and hang them, upside down, at the Gateway to let them know that this is the only Jannat they will get.

Fourth, let’s warn the Indians who want to raise the boogeyman of religion, region or language, that they will be the next at Gateway, if they persist.

So, may friends, lets all real Indians unite and WIN INDIA BACK FOR INDIAN.